Best place/vertical to get started?

Jaqueline Smitham

New member
Apr 23, 2024
(Just to preface this thread, I'm looking to use this experience to get into search arbitrage, so please keep that in mind while reading on)
Hello everyone!

I'm wondering where I can get started in the affiliate/PPC world that can generate pretty fast revenue with 0 experience. I have a sizeable budget ready to dedicate to this and all the time in the world, and right now I'm mainly looking to generate revenue fast rather than profits. Sounds crazy, sure. But I'm looking to use these numbers to get into a bigger company like TONIC for search arbitrage, essentially to open doors. I have programming and graphic design skills, and am familiar with general affiliate and PPC concepts and strategies, however I've never ran any campaigns myself but need to get started immediately. If anyone has any advice for where to get started, where to sign up, what verticals to research, or how to break into this industry, that would be great. (or if anyone can help get into TONIC or System1 or one of these stingy companies for search arbitrage, that would be amazing)