Great Experience With Cloakerly

Lavina Streich

New member
Apr 13, 2024
Just writing a quick topic on Cloakerly and the reason I have been using them for the past year+.

I left some pretty bad reviews on Cloakers as it's just something you don't want to mess around with, imagine your FB accounts all warmed up, ad spending, and even the pixel finally kicking in and having your cloaking go down.

A bunch of Cloakers I used even passed IPs from Ireland and other countries.

To keep this to the point I can 100% say none of my FB ad accounts went down because of Cloakerly, it's easy to set and the price is decent as well, believe they fall somewhere in the middle range compared to others.

Keep in mind: This opinion is based on Cloaking Facebook and no other platforms, so I can't say anything about that.

One really MAIN KEY factor is that they are actually in the game, active and supportive.

Not long ago I had to pass a whole bunch of parameters to my tracker (There are hundreds of different ones out there) but within 24 hours or less, I had a custom-coded script that worked right away, and support is either through live chat or Skype. (They probably have more methods but those are the ones I use).
The cons:

Would love an option to adjust the cloaking on medium-risk, and low-risk campaigns, I mean there are certain campaigns that I run that are close to whitehat but still require cloaking however there will be fewer to no checks but this is optional. I am not facing much click loss at all, which is a great sign.

Posting this since it's been a year and up and will be moving forward with Cloakerly as they are still doing a great job.

Before you ask, this is not a paid review and you are welcome to find my harsh topics on others lol, I haven't seen many reviews on cloaking services so instead of testing and failing you might as well read real-life experiences.

To add a bit more info, I run self-farmed accounts = just buying 5$ accounts from here that are aged and turning them into BMs lol. Here are two screenshots attached of just one of my accounts with some sample casino-approved ads.

So yeah, Great job From the Cloakerly Team! Highly recommended.

Just showing the FB account below to show you I actually run Ads and not making this up.