How to sell on Ebay for beginners simple and highly effective

Dina Lehner

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Jun 11, 2024
EBay is one of the famous e-commerce platforms around the world. If you plan to expand your business to other countries, shop owners cannot ignore the experience of selling on eBay for beginners in the following article. Let's smsverificationphone find out!

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1. Why is selling on eBay popular with many shops?​

The eBay sales channel has received such impressive achievements thanks to carefully selecting suppliers, committing to high quality products, reasonable prices and constantly updating new shopping trends. At the same time, the platform provides many attractive incentives periodically for sellers to recover capital and maximize revenue.

Here are all the impressive benefits of selling on eBay:

+ Easily create a sales account (creating a simple store like Shopee, Lazada, does not require a lot of paperwork like Amazon...) and interact with potential customers.
+ Ability to reach new customers high and wide across countries around the world.
+ Allows selling a variety of products, as long as they have transparent origins and good quality.
+ Products can be sold at a higher price than expected through exchange and auction between buyers and sellers.
+ Sellers have optimal copyright protection.

2. Simple instructions for registering a selling account on eBay​

What do you need to prepare to sell on eBay?

To sell successfully on the eBay platform, sellers need to have all important information ready and registered as follows:
Step 1: Access the link. In the left corner of the screen, select Register and click the command Register a business account (Business account).
Step 2: Fill in the above information in the registration form and set an account name. Then open your registered email inbox and confirm your account.
Step 3: Log back into your account on, select Personal Information to complete all personal information (such as Address, City & State, Postal Code, Legal Business). Phone - Phone number, First Name - First name and Middle name, Last Name - Last name) and in the Payments section fill in payment information.
Step 4: Proceed to post the product and start selling.

Create an Account

3. Learn how to sell on eBay to increase 'huge' purchases​

3.1 Build a reputable and professional booth​

For new shops, if you want to attract potential customers, the first thing is to design a trustworthy and impressive shopping space. Such as:

Name a unique account: The account name is a detail that makes it easier for buyers to remember the shop, so the account owner should find and choose a name that highlights the products he wants to sell as well as the shop's characteristics.
Buy things from other sellers: Another secret to building trust for potential customers is to proactively buy goods from them (if any). This confirms that your account is real, regularly active on the platform and not only selling but also actively purchasing/exchanging products with other users.
Set up your personal profile page: As soon as you create a new account, don't forget to access the Personal Information section to complete all necessary personal information. Thereby, if any buyer comes to view the account, they can look at the data, thereby creating confidence that it is a real user and making shopping decisions easier.
Create a bestseller list: A way to sell eBay products that attracts customers, used by many new shops, is to create a list of all bestselling products. Thereby, products added to the catalog will appear first when buyers visit, attracting customer attention to increase sales.

How to level-up sell

3.2 Pay attention to product images​

Because of online shopping, customers can only make decisions through product images. In addition to meeting the criteria for real images, sellers should post clear photos and add feedback photos from previous buyers to create trust for potential customers.

3.3 Set attractive selling prices​

Because eBay is a potential online sales channel, high competition is inevitable, especially for new shops. Therefore, an effective way to sell on eBay is to "offer" preferential product prices, which may be lower than other suppliers but are still guaranteed to make a profit.

3.4 Find quality sources of goods​

No matter what platform they do business on, sellers need to provide quality goods to retain long-term customers. To do this, shop owners should research and choose a reputable place to import goods. For example, importing directly from manufacturers, through product distribution agents, ordering on domestic and foreign e-commerce platforms, getting goods from wholesale markets...

3.5 Make a marketing plan to promote the product​

In the early days of opening sales, if you want to attract buyers, the seller must have a suitable marketing strategy to reach the right target customers and introduce the right products to suit their needs. Accordingly, the free ways to advertise on eBay that many new shops choose are to join eBay sales groups, share post content on other social networking sites of the shop, starting with selling goods at low prices. cheap to get customer reviews,…

4. Frequently asked questions​

Regarding selling on eBay, there are questions that you should consider such as:

Many people visit and buy products

4.1 To sell on eBay smoothly and avoid having your account locked, what should sellers keep in mind?​

eBay will lock the selling account if the user:
+ Trading in fake, counterfeit and poor quality goods.
+ Be rude to buyers or other sellers.
+ Selling items on eBay's prohibited goods list.
+ Entice customers to buy products on other platforms.

4.2 When selling on Ebay, what items should you avoid selling?​

List of restricted/prohibited items for sale on the eBay platform such as:
+ Guns, weapons.
+ Counterfeit goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods.
+ Stimulants and addictive substances.
+ Parts, organs and human body.
+ Wild animals.
+ Antiquities and relics belonging to historical and cultural relics.
+ Counterfeit money.
+ Counterfeit stamps.
+ Property due to theft.

4.3 Is there a fee for selling on eBay?​

The answer is yes. When selling on eBay, you have to pay some basic fees such as:

Posting fee: Ranging from 0.25 - 2$.
Basic online store rental fee: From 0.1 - 2$.
Successful transaction fee: About 8.75 - 12.75% of the final product selling price.
Smsverificationphone hopefully this article has brought useful sales experience to new shops that want to expand their business internationally. Besides strictly complying with the platform's regulations, shops should not forget to invest in quality products and shipping services to make the customer's experience with the shop the most perfect!