I Will Craft You a Super High ROI Viral Video Website - Just Like the Ones Rich Marketers Have


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May 31, 2024
Here is a viral video I shared on Imgur that got 100,000+ views.

The best thing? It happened in under 24 hours.

Think about how much traffic I get to drive to my site when I replicate this 10X.


The internet is full of bad advice for newbie marketers.

Stuff like:

#1. Learn Facebook advertising

#2. Create your own product

#3. Set up a sales funnel

The reality?

They are unreachable for average people.

You can only get good results when you master them. But the thing is, they're just too complicated.

Heck, learning each skill is harder than getting a college degree.

No wonder 9 out of 10 newbies who follow such advice flop.

Want an easier model to make money?


Grow a viral video site

Haven't heard about a viral video site?

In a gist here is how it works:

#1. Pick a niche you are really passionate about

#2. Watch YouTube videos

#3. Set up a WordPress site

#4. Each day, take a couple videos you like, embed them on your site

#5. Drive traffic to your site

#6. Monetize it with affiliate products.

In a nutshell:

You'll simply be curating + sharing interesting videos, and monetize your traffic with affiliate offers on your site.

So, instead of letting the hundreds of things you could do to overwhelm you, it keeps you focused on the handful of things you should do to get results.

No boring SEO.

No paid ad campaign.

No more spending time on cranking out so-called unique content.


My offer is simple:

To make money, you want to own a kickass viral video site. I will build you one + show you how to make this work.

Interested? Ask for a sample site.

I'll send you a sample site + detailed information on how I can help you to make it work.

Go through them, and if you think it’s right for you, we can begin.


My rate is simple:

It’s only $190.

Turn around = less than 14 days.

You'll get:

- Free niche research and recommendations.

- Free domain name research service.

- A customized premium viral video site.

- I'll locate the most viral videos (for your niche) and install 20-30 videos on your site + show you my process, so you get to continuously update your site with good stuff.

- I'll monetize your site with relevant affiliate offers.

- Traffic guide- When your site is ready; I'll show you the exact steps we do to get loads of traffic to my own viral site. The best part is, the traffic is completely free. No paid ads required.

- 24/7 Support


How to pay:

One website = $190.

Ready to get started? You can PayPal me here.

(Don't have a PayPal account? Ask me for a credit card payment link)

Need more than one site? PM me for bulk discount rates.


Ask for a sample site:

If you want to take a look at a sample site before you order, write me below.

By the way, if you have any questions in mind, feel free to drop me a PM. Or email me at admin@conversionie.com


Some common questions:

#1. What’s the turn around like?

Less than 14 days

#2. How do I order?

If you need just 1 site you can Paypal me here. Need more than one site? PM me for bulk discount rates.

#3. Can I take a look at your sample site before I order?

Sure thing! Leave a line below this thread; I will point you to one.

#4. What’s your refund policy?

When I start working your project, there will be no refund.

#5. Is domain name and web hosting included?

They are not included. You will buy your own domain name + web hosting plan. If you need recommendations, I can recommend a good domain name + where to get a great hosting plan though. Just let me know.

#6. How do I contact you if I have more questions?

Drop me a line at admin@conversionie.com


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May 31, 2024
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