My Facebook Accounts - Your selling markets

Brandt Muller

New member
Apr 10, 2024
I tried to post this on the Facebook group but got deleted because apparently it belongs here so let me explain a bit and get straight to the point.

I have a farm of Virtual Assistants (around 21) that are manually creating Facebook accounts. All of these FBs are super strong, aged and warmed up a few days. I can create around 3k a week at this very moment and can create way more if needed. I work in the OFM space and I'm selling these accounts to people that are using them for Bumble creation. Once a Bumble account dies, the Facebook stays alive so can be reused in many other ways.

I've sold over 20k accounts (which I still have in my sheets) that can be re-sold to other people for a fraction of the price. The thing is, these accounts are not being used for anything else than Bumble creation. All come with Account ID, Phone number and 2FA code.

Some are 1-2 months old, some are a few weeks (talking about the already sold accounts) - which can be re-purposed.

I can also create and sell fresh accounts.

The thing is, my whole infrastructure is fully automatized and on point. I just need someone to take the old FBs or new ones (diff price) and resell or do whatever - we can negotiate a price.

I always replace if there are suspended accounts.

The accounts are all USA, Female, profile filled up, warmed up with proper actions, friends etc. Exactly like real users, created on physical devices.

I'm open to any partnership as long as there is common interest.

Reply here with any questions or hmu on TG: @estalecs